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  Overview of what to expect

We're so glad you've enrolled in Worship in Light of the Cross. Here are some basic details about our time together.

  • You'll receive a daily email offering an image for you to consider and a thought for each day.
  • To access the daily readings and audio recordings in our eCourse, you'll need to return here to our online classroom.
  • Our audio recordings of scripture are offered by staff from The Upper Room. Thanks to Andrew, Joy and Doc for lending their voices for our Lent eCourse.
  • Our eCourse offers a brief reading each day and a weekly discussion prompt.
  • We welcome you to engage in discussion as you are able. We want to hear about what you are thinking and sensing.
  • We are beginning this eCourse together on Wednesday, March 1--Ash Wednesday. Our weeks will go from Wednesday to Tuesday. (So Week One of Lent and of our eCourse runs March 1-7, 2017.) If you prefer to work through the material according to a different weekly schedule, feel free to do that. Our daily emails, though, will follow the Wednesday-Tuesday schedule.
  • One day of rest from our course material is scheduled into our calendar. So, you will not receive a daily email on Wednesdays (except for Ash Wednesday).
  • If you are registered for the Open Course, you're in a classroom with many others who have joined individually. Groups who have joined together are in private classrooms. All of us, though, are engaged in the same readings and reflections through Lent.
  • Don't forget about our live webinar with John Indermark on Monday, March 6 at 6:30pm (Central). You'll need to register for that separately from our eCourse. Here's a link to registration. Look for an email from Jason Klees once you've registered. Jason will be helping us with the technical aspects of the webinar.

Please feel free to ask questions. You can ask here in the comments section, or email us at